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Moroccan artisan factory debuted in the late 2006; located in Fez, Morocco.
The main aim of our company is to introduce the Moroccan culture to the other tourists from all around the world.
The Moroccan culture is a well known culture for the diversity it contains because it reflects the Arab and the Berber way of living.
By using the highest quality materials and the hand of very skilled artists.
That what our company is like to offer the best collection of Moroccan artisan products to
make all the countries connected not geographically but also spiritually through the Moroccan traditional touch.

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Moroccan Artisans Factory offers a collection of handmade traditional crafts, divided into several categories like furniture, ceramic, rugs, decor, garden, lighting, bed & bath, jewelry , accessories, to decorate your home with a luxurious exotic touch.

Moroccan Artisans Factory Service

we offers the best Moroccan handicrafts with the best prices.
Our priority is to satisfy our customers with the best worldwide shipping service.
We use high-quality resources to create the best traditional handmade items We can suggest to our customers the best unique designs with our Moroccan interior designers, for a fascinating and luxurious decorative touch The traditional luxury handicrafts are inspected by our professional team to give you a perfect handmade crafts that you can display at your home.
We can offer a wholesale to any country with our best shipping service

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Blending Many traditions like Arab, Andalusia, Berber, Islamic, and even Jewish, this cultural mix gives a very unique Moroccan artisan that was there for centuries and clamed from generation to generation.

A part of our company’s work is to introduce you and show you what the Moroccan Artisan consists of; for there are many of genuine treasures the craftsmen hands offer in this fascinating art.

The main categories the Moroccan artisan, Furniture, ceramics, rugs, Décor Garden, lighting, bed & bath, jewelry & accessories, each item carefully made by professional craftsmen for result full of Moroccan traditional vibe. These categories are special with the traditional Moroccan vibe.

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