We are Moroccan artisant factory

Moroccan Artisans Factory is a company that manufactures traditional Moroccan crafts, to introduce the Moroccan culture to the world.

Moroccan culture is a melting pot that includes numerous civilization and cultures, for example, the Moorish, Andalusian, Jewish, Almoradives, as well as the Islamic tradition.

The Moroccan traditional craftsmanship was affected by these cultures, resulted in truly exceptional pieces of art that you can decorate your home with.
Moroccan Artisans Factory provides handmade handicrafts that consist of high-quality products such as natural wood, leather, silver, clay, copper, gold.
We work with master skilled craftsmen with years of experience because usually in Morocco the craftsmen start learning the craft in early age, to master the crafts perfectly, with ancient methods that were inherited from generations.

The Moroccan ancient techniques are valuable because machines can’t achieve the wanted perfect result, for example, leather is cleaned and dyed in the famous Chouara Tannery,putting leather in different pots to get the best color, as well as the tools the master craftsmen use, the tools are old and efficient with their own historical background.

Moroccan Artisans Factory makes sure our products are perfect, after our skilled craftsmen finish the product, the supervisors double check the handicrafts for a flawless piece of Moroccan traditional craft.
We sell numerous traditional handicrafts, that can refresh your interior design, and make it a whole new world.

We offer a selection of furniture that includes tables, dressers, Tabourets, fountains, pouffes, also a selection of ceramic, the well known Moroccan ceramic, made of clay to form the best bowls, plates, tajines, sugar bowls, vases, couple plates, large plates, and ashtrays.

We suggest a collection as well of rugs, with all sizes and shapes, as well a collection of lighting, that includes lamps and chandelier, the Moroccan lamps are unique because they are made of copper, silver or colourful glass, designed by the most skilled craftsmen in the industry.

We have a collection of doors, that introduces the Moroccan door with the fascinating patterns and motives, usually, the doors are made of wood and decorated with silver, handmade colours, and even gold.

Make sure to check more our products. The fascinating creation of Moroccan handmade crafts that never ends.
Moroccan Artisans Factory deals with companies for a wholesale, depending on the quantity of order we make sure to deliver high-quality handicrafts.
To enjoy an amazing Moroccan traditional decorative item, that adds a Moroccan exotic vibe to your interior design, make sure to contact us.