Moroccan doors

Wood art remains one of Morocco’s most important traditional crafts to this day. Moroccan Medinas are full of wooden masterpieces of Arabic-Andalusian as well as Jewish influence.
One of the most popular wood works are Moroccan doors, the majestic doors, feel like they lead to another era of time with all the unique designs and patterns.
You can notice that the most photographed things in Morocco are doors. Always unique, colorful and different from any other door.
Moroccan doors are often very carefully decorated and designed, for examples the Moroccan doors can also include mosaic tiles or what is called Zellij as well as paint that form some Moorish motifs and Andalusian patterns that summon centuries of history.

Also, the Moroccan doors are popular with their door knockers that achieve a decorative design touch to the entrances of your house.
Moroccan doors exist with numerous sizes, as well as shapes, you can find also several door knocker sizes and styles, that express mystery and wonder.
For example, there are knockers on the shape of hand or eye that symbolize protection for old Moroccan cultures.
Start planning your Moroccan door style with our Moroccan Artisans Factory to a customized Moroccan door to add a wonderful Moroccan traditional charm to your house.

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