Moroccan Garden

Moroccan Gardens are beautiful but they can be outstanding with a touch of the Moroccan culture.
This dazzling collection of tables and fountains inspired by the ancient Spanish, and Moorish cultures and traditions that can decorate your Moroccan Garden.
This selection includes small, medium and large tables, as well as fountains decorated by the Moroccan tiles, or what is called ceramic, originally handcrafted in Fes city in artisan workshops by master craftsmen, using high-quality clay that endures many steps to flawless result to celebrate the Moroccan various cultures and traditions through these pieces of art for the Moroccan Gardens.
The eye-catching tables and fascinating fountains are handmade and hand painted with vibrant colors, decorated with geometrical patterned mosaic tiles or in the Zellij traditional style of design, to a traditional vibe to your Moroccan Garden.
These Moroccan Gardens design tables and fountains for gardens with the unique fascinating Moroccan style adds an elegant and colorful vibe to your yard or garden.

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