Moroccan leather

Moroccan Artisans Factory offers a selection of Handmade traditional leather products, such as Moroccan leather slippers or Babouche, Moroccan leather pouf, Moroccan leather purse and bags.
Our manufactured elegant slippers, bags and poufs are made of 100% Moroccan leather, that is locally produced in the eldest tannery in Africa, specifically in Fes city, where leather is brought and cleaned next dyed in natural colours, by skilled craftsmen and with methods that were inherited from generations.
Then the craftsmen work on the design of the Moroccan babouches, slippers in different colours and different patterns for a Bohemian style.

One of Moroccan leather products are also poufs, the Moroccan leather poufs are very familiar because they are a part of Moroccan home decor in the present as well for many years. Our Moroccan Leather is sewn and dyed by master craftsmen in by their hands and old traditional techniques, they are amazing to decorate your living room with.
Fes city the centre of Morocco’s leather trade. with the high-quality Moroccan leather, we manufacture stylish fascinating leather bags, that you can carry anytime and fits any outfits.
Moroccan Artisans Factory suggests our collection of Moroccan slippers or footwear for men, women and children, as well as poufs and bags all hand stitched from the best Moroccan leather. Made exclusively for you.

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