Moroccan lamps

Moroccan Artisan factory offers a collection of Moroccan lamps and candles to light your space with traditional Moroccan art.
Moroccan lamps are originally made of silver or copper, by skilled craftsmen, these handcrafted Moroccan lamps, Moroccan floor lamps and Moroccan chandelier differ by sizes, shapes and color.
With our factory, you can customs your design of Moroccan style lamps like Moroccan ceiling lamps, Moroccan table lamps, Moroccan outdoor lamps, Moroccan pendant lamps, Moroccan metal lamps and of course the popular Moroccan chandelier, for a charming and aesthetic light.

Also, The Moroccan candles are famous for their breathtaking colors and shapes. A Moroccan themed room can’t be completing without Moroccan Artisan Factory candles as well as candle holders that are made of high-quality clay and painted with natural handmade colors.
We urge you to choose one of Moroccan Artisans Factory handcrafted Moroccan lamps, chandelier, candles, and candle holders to Moroccan style lighting.

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Moroccan artisans factory is the most professional, safe, and trusted company, home for the high-quality authentic products, that are accurately handmade by master craftsmen of Morocco.

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