Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs are a part of two cultures, the Berber and the Arab, as a result we have a Moroccan rug with different colors and patterns.
Moroccan rugs carpets are made of 100 % wool usually by female Moroccan artisans in small villages at the Atlas Mountains, working with old methods that they learned from generation to generation, to form the most mesmerizing Moroccan Berber rugs, that will brighten any place by its colors.

Female Moroccan artisans carefully chose the high-quality wool, then woven it and dyed it with natural paint, like ZAFRAN and Henna, after the wool is dried they start working on the rugs with the most amazing designs that were inherited from ages.
Moroccan rugs with all its types are well known for their charming beauty, you can get the best-designed Moroccan rugs made by professional hands and high-quality wool, in our site, to decorate your home with a piece of Moroccan rugs.

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