Moroccan tiles

Moroccan Artisans Factory offers a selection of Moroccan tiles or what is called Zellij, this art of tile making dates back to many centuries ago, in the old Medina of Fez.
Moroccan tiles signify wealth and class, Moreover, they are used to decorate walls and floors, fountains, tables, and even ceilings.
Moroccan tiles go through several steps all by hand. Hand-glazed and hand cut, the Moroccan tiles or Moroccan Zellij are crafted using traditional and high-quality regional clays and glaze colors, with old techniques.

Moroccan Artisans Factory manufactures handmade Moroccan tiles. Moroccan mosaic tiles are rich in complicated patterns that display the value of the antique art to result in very pleasing Moroccan cement, floor, wall, bathroom, kitchen, pieces of tiles.
Moroccan Artisans Factory handmade Moroccan tiles are available with traditional Moroccan house design. Our collection includes Moroccan tiles or Moroccan zellij, Moroccan mosaic tiles, Moroccan cement tiles, Moroccan floor tiles, Moroccan wall tiles, Moroccan bathroom tiles, Moroccan kitchen tiles and Moroccan tiles backsplash, to a traditional sophisticated feel to your interior Moroccan design tiles.
Moroccan mosaic tile has a huge historical background, and it exists at almost every Moroccan house, with different shapes and sizes. The headquarter of this charming art is Fes city, with numerous shops and factories.

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